About Us

Anwal United Trading Co. is a professional and dynamic company that was set up in the late eighties as a partnership company. With spiraling growth and ambitious plans, it was converted into a limited company in 2001. Today it has a commanding presence in the arena of ladies and children's apparel, and an ever-increasing share of the shoes, accessories, and children's room furniture markets.

Anwal is globally respected having won the franchise of renowned brands such as Etam, Etam Lingerie, Cache-Cache, Orchestra,Parfois, Staccato, Bonobo, Yishion, Agatha and Moa.

Anwal has successfully commissioned and operates over 150 shops all across Saudi Arabia. On the Interrnational front as well, the Company's 10 brands have made a name for themselves, notching up impressive sales. The strong popularity of the shops is direct result of their strategic locations in the biggest and best known malls. Working closely in tandem with international companies, Anwal has gained keen insight of the market and comprehensive support to expand it.   Anwal is now poised to take advantage of the growing demand for ready to wear clothes, by forging new alliances with a wider spectrum of brands and expanding its present operations.