Bonobo Jeans is the alternative Jeans brand for fashion conscious urban youth. Enter a unique jeans world and discover exclusive collection with apparent style. Share values and commitment through real sustainable development actions. At the heart of the primal forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo live these exceptional creatures, the bonobos. These endangered large monkeys are non violent. Their relationships are governed by affection and are based on the transmission of the values. A positive and community life philosophy which inspired Bonobo Jeans, the brand for a generation of men and women 25 to 35 years old, attached to optimistic values of respect and openness. Bonobo Collection has a premium, limited and urban. The brand has original and accessible collection with exclusive finished designed for every style...Wardrobes full of jeans to find the perfect look for every occasions. Bonobo shops with more than 300 points of sale, the brand wants a universal presence and is developing shops concept. It has a cosmopolitan positioning and wants to seduce the greatest number of people. Website: